How To Exercise Your Creativity

When it comes to being a good writer, there’s so much more to it than proper grammar and good word choice. No good writer is without a complex and unique thinking mind. But, guess what? Not a single person is without that!

As people, we are meant to question the world. We are meant to ask, what is life? Every idea is trying to be an answer, and the questions vary. No matter what book your thinking of, the ideas inside of it answer some question. Sometimes, that wasn’t the authors original intention, but that’s how the mind works. The mind needs to understand, so it asks and thinks of an answer.

For example, the book, Divergent, answers multiple questions. One of those questions is, what would happen if Chicago got cut off from the world? I’ll bet that now that you think of it, you can find loads of other questions hidden in the book. That’s because a single book contains a million answers to another billion questions.

So, where am I going with this? Simply put, to exercise your creativity, ask yourself a question. After you ask yourself a question, answer it. Vary in how much sense your answers make. Come up with more than one, and continue the story using a spawn of questions.

When doing this, always keep in mind the basics: Who, What, When, Why, & How. Also, questions don’t have to be complex or anything like that.

Take this for example;

Starter Question: What would happen if someone fell down the stairs?

Answer: That person would break both their legs (it’s possible)

Continuation Question: What would someone do if they found out that their two broken legs were actually paralyzed?

Answer: They would have a series of mental breakdowns

Continuation Question: How would this person feel?

Answer: Like life was out to get them

I’m not saying this would be a great story, though it has the potential. All I’m saying is this is a way to come up with new things, especially when you’re undergoing writers block. Just ask yourself a continuation question.

Just, be unique and be different. Remember, your work is your work, no one else’s, so own it!

Finally, try different genres. Trying things out of your comfort zone will cause you to have to think a little different; therefore, your mind will come up with new, fresh, and fun ideas!

Be creative with both your questions and answers! It doesn’t always matter if they make perfect sense or not!


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