How To Cure A Migraine 

A writers enemy: a blocked mind. This is also known as writer’s block. Writer’s block has a series of causes, and one of the worst of these causes is migraines and headaches. 

When you have a killer migraine, opening your eyes is a hassle, let alone actually thinking!

 I’ve struggled with chronic migraine for years, and was put on a medication that’s helped tons. Still, I get migraines three to four times a month (I used to get them daily, so huge progress) and headaches at least twice a week! 

Having to deal with chronic migraine has caused me to learn some super cool tips and tricks for this condition! Even if you don’t deal with migraines often when you have one, you’ll want it gone. Rarely for the sake of writing, but instead for the sake of your own comfortability. 

As I’m writing this I have a killer headache, originally I horrid migraine that woke me up multiple times last night. I’ve gotten it down to a headache, which for me is a walk in the pro to deal with, but I’m in Florida! I want to have fun! Girls just wanna have fun ♪

So, here are my cures for migraines and headaches.

  1. DRINK WATER! The most common reason for headaches or migraines is dehydration. So don’t drink pop (or soda, whatever you call it) or fruit juice. Drink water and lots of it! Zero calorie flavored water drinks are okay but I don’t recommend them. And I’ll tell you why next. 
  2. No more sugar! Sugar as well as fake sugars are known causes for both headaches and migraines. So if you just went nuts and ate a whole bag of Halloween candy, you can see why your head is pounding. 
  3. Protein! Protein! And more protein! Don’t ask me why, but if you eat some chicken (not fried) you’ll feel better. 
  4. Of course, medicine. Ibuprofen or excederin migraine are my personal faves when it comes to effectiveness. Although Aleve as proven useful also. 
  5. Electrolytes! Electrolytes help with headache and migraine relief a ton! Powerade Zero is my best recommendation. No sugar and chock full of electrolytes, as well its good for rehydrating!
  6. Quiet and dark places. Places with minimal light and no sound are key for curing an incurable migraine!
  7. Baths! Yes it may sound cliché, but baths are relaxing!!! Relaxation is helpful for ridding of a headache or migraine. 
  8. No distractions! Clear your mind and tell everyone to leave you the hell alone! Just sit, close your eyes, and relax. If you have a ton of friends or family that have a group hate obsession, either mute the chat or put your phone in a different room. 
  9. Stay of your phone! I never listen to this, but on the rare occasion I do, it’s extremely helpful. Phones themselves are none headache causers. Bright lights, small screen to focus on, and the flashing light. All of it needs to be away. 

Those are my best tips and tricks that really work! Some of them are helpful for preventing a headache or a migraine too! Like the what to eat and what not to. And for all of you heavy soda drinkers: yes, pop causes headaches. It’s full of sugar! And now to all of you are saying, “well, I drink diet,” the caffeine in soda also causes headaches! As well as the fake sugar in diet! 

Although, caffeine does help To get rid of headaches, but sugars and fake sugars don’t. So try to leave your pop addiction! (I used to drink a lot of root beer, until I relived that’s what was giving me a lot of my migraines and stuff.)

I hope this helped anyone who struggles with severe migraines like I do! 

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Forever After,

Madalyn Delphine Muzzey


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