Realistic Vs Theatric

So, I’m watching MMA with my dad, and it’s got me thinking, This doesn’t look anything like the movies! The movies resemble theatrics while real matches represent what’s, well, real

Why is this even important, you ask. Well, simply put, depending on what your writing, you’ll need to choose between realistic or theatric. If you want a novel about a baseball player to be extremely realistic, as if the games people are reading could be occuring at a field nearby, then you’re gonna need to write realistically. But if you want imagination to be involved and for it to be different, as if it’s not even the same sport, then choosing theatric is the proper way to go. 

Now, it’s impossible to say, ‘how to write theatrically,’ because guess what, it’s such a random area that it can’t be boxed in. 

Reality, on the other hand, can be. 

When it comes to reality, you need facts! Facts! And more facts! But really, that’s as basic as reality gets. Because there’s still loads of diversity depending on the topic. 

Wow, this is a short post. Oh well! It’s all I’ve got to say for now!

See ya’ next time!


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