Complaining Corner: Never Ending Polotics

Hello! Welcome to the newest edition to my posts. This is going to be known as the Complaining Corner. No, it is not where I whine about everything wrong in my life… It is where I make a general, justified complaint that a lot of people agree with. 

Today’s complaint: the never ending politics. 

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed this, and hell, I’m sure many of you are guilty of this -I know I am. Even though elections are over, the inaguaration too, everyone still won’t stop boo-hooing about the fact that are “great” leader is none other than Donald Trump. 

Now, I hate Trump as much as the next gal, but look, there’s nothing that can be done to change the situation. Sure, us Trump-haters can hope for his impeachment, but that sounds kinda depressing. Waiting for something that could quite possibly never happen, to me, that sounds much like watching my nail polish dry -it never actually dries. And let’s say he does get impeached, is his vice going to be any better fit for the role?

To be honest, I didn’t watch too much of the debates when they were on, nor did I pay much attention to the inauguration. I go by this philosophy of, keep your friends close, keep everything you hate out of your life. Personally, the idea of poisoning my daily life with things I can’t stand sounds rather unbearable. Most of what I learned about the candidates was from hear-say and fact-checked internet posts. Therefore, I won’t go saying I’m an expert on all things Trump. Still, out of what I’ve seen from him -little as it may be- having a pompous person like him as our countries leader does frighten me. 

So yes, I spent a week after the election moping and whining about what this country was coming to. But, guess what! That made me miserable. All that worrying and moping just had me feeling mentally drained. At a point, I just said ‘screw it’. No matter what I thought, nothing would change. The decision was made. Over half the country wanted to see Trump as leader. I can see why, in some aspects at least, but in my head, the cons easily outweighed the pros. 

Anyhow, after that week, I kinda just pushed the idea of government from my mind. Well, more like tried to. But at my lunch table on A days, this kid who I will not name always starts arguments/debates. And he’ll never drop his point! He seems to think his opinion is law! So I had to, and still sometimes have to, deal with his nonstop talks on politics. 

Even besides him, so many people can’t seem to grasp that we live in a democracy. That means majority rules (most of the time). Sadly, if you weren’t with the majority vote, you didn’t win. 

I get it. It sucks. 

But fretting and never shutting up about how Trump’s going to cause the world to end in fiery blaze, it won’t change anything. For the time being, things are as the are. Either accept it, or keep it to yourself. 

I feel almost hypocritical talking about this, because even though I never bring it up myself, once someone starts the conversation, I don’t shut up. I’m like a river; I’ve built a dam to keep me mute about the subject. Break the dam and my opinions spill!

Anyhow, I’d like to hear your guy’s opinions on this matter! Are you like me? Or do you seriously disagree? 

See you next time!

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