Author’s Styles : Minor (But MAJOR) Details

When you look years into the future, and you see yourself as a published author: what is it people say about you? What are the things they most remember about your work?

Sometimes, it’s the whole story, or really, it’s almost always the whole story. But very few people will recall a book word for word, plot twist for plot twist. It’s little things that they will always remember in the back of their mind. 

For example, a book I truly love, Sophie’s Choice and an author I greatly admire, William Styron. When I think about that book, I think about how detailed the writing was. That, despite how much I love to imagine things for myself, the story left little room for interpretation. Of course I remember the plot line as well, the tears I shed throughout the book. But, it’s those details that stick in my mind. 

Some books, the ones that are more powerful, are remembered by how emotional they are. Others are remembered by the symbols lying about throughout the book. 

But sometimes, even smaller things become extremely important. 

This is where I pry into personal experience. Author’s style is such a vast category that it’s hard to summarize, especially when you’re talking about your own. Mine revolves around symbols, I use a lot of similes and metaphors to insist my piont like a punch to the gut. Besides that, like one of my inspirations, I use a lot of details. And though many people have a distaste for excessive detail, it’s simply the way I write. 

Although, one of my most unique things about my style, and likely one of my favorite things, is the names of my characters. If I’m being honest, it’s rare that my characters names mean more than simply a name. However, my writing is known for using odd, uncommon, or never before used names. 

In my soon-to-be-published novel, Gazer, alone, the names include Kenya (Kenny), Canis (Cane), the nickname StarGazer or Gazer, Teresa (instead of the properly spelled format), and Garter (Gart). Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. There are probably a few others. 

In my other works I use completely different names. Depending on the project, I will change how far I stretch the diversity of the names. 

Nonetheless, for me, names are actually a big part of my style! That’s the thing, author’s style is so much more than grammar variations and intensity. Sometimes it’s the use of dialogue and point of view. 

Perhaps that is why author’s style is such a big deal. Because it is such a vast, never-ending topic. It’s something personal that you create for yourself, like a signature!

Anyhow, that’s all I got for today! See you next time!

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