SPOILER ALERT!!! Tears Shed from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince


He’s… he’s de-

No! I ant even say it right now!!!

Like oh my god! Dumbledore! He can’t be! He just can’t d- like I said, can’t say it just yet!

Too soon!

So, I just started watching all the movies earlier this week. We’ve been making trips up to family video because apparently, you are not human if you have not seen Harry Potter. We had to pay off thirty bucks in late fines (mom sucks at returning movies) but then we got straight to watching. 

Everyday single day after school this week, I got home and watched one of them. Sadly, my hours didn’t permit for more than one in a night. 

So, anyway, last night I watched Order Of The Phoenix, and that movie had me done for the night. I couldn’t bear to watch anyone else die. Thing is, I wasn’t expecting Dumbledore, of all people, to be the next one to go!

[But I am freaking out because I love the romance in Half Blood Prince!]


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