Opinions & Their Prominence In Your Writing

Welcome back to my latest! Honestly, the reason for this post is a friend in my English class. She’s also writing out a post for her blog, so I thought, hmm… Been a while since my latest post, I should probably post something too! And so, that’s precisely what I’m doing.

And, thanks to an earlier argument I had with a friend of mine, I have the perfect idea for this post!

Opinions and Their Prominence

This is a bit of a combination between a rant and advice, so if you’re here for the advice, stay! You’ll just have to simultaneously deal with a rant about how one person’s opinion, no matter how beloved said opinion is, is not law!

Obviously, I won’t go naming names, but this guy made me mad! Which isn’t uncommon… He’s that friend who helps to provoke controversial thoughts, as well as helps me to see the other – slightly egotistical – side of an argument. Overall, he’s a good friend, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to punch him sometimes!

Moving on to the advice aspect of this post, opinions are a key component in anything you write. Whether it be a work of fiction or not. Sometimes their importance is to be very discreet, as if they aren’t there at all, while other times they require a certain element of extremeness.

First, let’s start with the secret agent opinions (the ones that don’t show as much). No matter what you read, you’ll notice an underlying opinion. Even a book on facts, you’ll find at least one opinion, often more. By the way the author writes, you can learn how they feel about the subject they are writing about. That, or by the fact they tell. Either way, they still include their opinion, just in much more ‘secret page’ sort of way.

So, even if you aren’t writing fiction, you’re opinions on the matter at hand will be important. However, they are meant to stay as underlying, camouflaged with the ink on the paper. Opinions in this case can’t be the main attraction.

Now, onto the fun stuff of show-casing your opinion like it’s a big, golden trophy! In fiction, author’s often base a book around their opinion, or the opposite. Sometimes, they’ll express their opinion by taking a character who has feelings opposite of them, making them later reflect upon themselves until they see the ‘light,’ or the author will make that character an antagonist. Nonetheless, the author’s opinion impacts the novel completely. It’s often based around their life, including the things they felt. The love, the pain, the happy, the sad: emotions are all a form of opinion.

Therefore, when it comes to a work of fiction, go ahead and influence your work with every ounce of personal opinion you’ve got in you. However, recall that your opinion, even when put into writing, is still only that: an opinion.

Also, as a quick little side note, remember that there are other opinions out there. Try introducing your opinions  the most, but maybe add in how someone else feels about a topic. Try to see the other side. Explore the world through the opinions placed in your writing!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today! See ya!


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