One Way On How To Write A Novel


Okay, so welcome back!

Before, I made a different post about a technique on how to write a novel, and now I’m going to show you another. Honestly, there are countless ways. I can’t think of most of them, because I have my own way of doing things. Every author is different, working in different ways.

This method is the method I use when I’m writing either an extremely complex story or a fantasy (A.K.A an extremely complex story). I call it a story map. It’s similar to the previously taught method of writing down important events and setting a half plan, but this is as plan as it gets!

So, this -in my experience- requires a few materials. Just a large piece of paper and many colored pens or pencils (erasable colored pencils are preferable). Or hey, if you’re one of those tech savvy people (I am most definitely not in case you haven’t quite noticed) you can do this on some online platform.

Either way, start out by making yourself a key in the corner of your paper. Designate shapes for different parts of your story. For example, square can equal important moment for characters development. The different parts to include are (but not limited to): climax, mini-climax, symbolic moments, scenes mentioned multiple times, inciting incidents, major scenes, twists (if they’re there), character intros, and some others that I honestly can’t think of (leave them in the comments if you think of any). Now, I get that you may not have enough shapes at your disposal for this, that’s where the different colors come in!

Next, set aside a color for character descriptions. Every time you think up a new character,major or minor, write down every possible thing you can about them on the back side of your story’s map. Include details like hair color, hair length, eye color, skin color, height, quirks, personal likes and dislikes, and their purpose in the story. If there’s other things you want to include about them, go for it!

Okay, now we have to start the map. Like any map, you go from start to finish. Write how you plan to introduce your story, including the shape that belongs in. For me, that’s often its own individual shape. from there go through your story, drawing lines from shape to shape as you add moments. If at any point you skip over something or thing of something new, just erase the line redraw where it goes to, adding the new scene in.

Keep going until you reach your end. Now you have all your characters, all moments and within those moments are the important things of the story!

So, guess whats next! You get to write! You write, write, and write some more!!!!!!!!

I suppose this is more how to plan to write a novel, but there is no recipe to write a novel. I could make suggestions, but still.

Speaking of, this whole thing is only a template. You can change any part to suit your needs!

So get to writing and enjoy!!!! Bye Bye!

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