One Way On How To Write A Novel

Hello! Okay, so welcome back! Before, I made a different post about a technique on how to write a novel, and now I'm going to show you another. Honestly, there are countless ways. I can't think of most of them, because I have my own way of doing things. Every author is different, working in … Continue reading One Way On How To Write A Novel


Opinions & Their Prominence In Your Writing

Welcome back to my latest! Honestly, the reason for this post is a friend in my English class. She's also writing out a post for her blog, so I thought, hmm... Been a while since my latest post, I should probably post something too! And so, that's precisely what I'm doing. And, thanks to an earlier argument … Continue reading Opinions & Their Prominence In Your Writing

SPOILER ALERT!!! Tears Shed from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Dumbledore... He's... he's de- No! I ant even say it right now!!! Like oh my god! Dumbledore! He can't be! He just can't d- like I said, can't say it just yet! Too soon! So, I just started watching all the movies earlier this week. We've been making trips up to family video because apparently, … Continue reading SPOILER ALERT!!! Tears Shed from Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Author’s Styles : Minor (But MAJOR) Details

When you look years into the future, and you see yourself as a published author: what is it people say about you? What are the things they most remember about your work? Sometimes, it's the whole story, or really, it's almost always the whole story. But very few people will recall a book word for … Continue reading Author’s Styles : Minor (But MAJOR) Details

Escapesism At It’s Finest

Life's hectic. I'm pretty sure everyone can agree on that. No matter who you are or where you live, life is a constant series of events. The thing is the world never stops spinning, nor does time ever stop ticking. Therefore, there is always another thing happening.  Getting away from the daily norm of this, … Continue reading Escapesism At It’s Finest

Complaining Corner: Never Ending Polotics

Hello! Welcome to the newest edition to my posts. This is going to be known as the Complaining Corner. No, it is not where I whine about everything wrong in my life... It is where I make a general, justified complaint that a lot of people agree with.  Today's complaint: the never ending politics.  So, … Continue reading Complaining Corner: Never Ending Polotics

Author’s Styles : Sequential Order (Lists)

Remember when you were little and you wrote one of the most overdone papers of all times. You know that cringe worthy paper. The one of about a certain salty and sweet food. Maybe you've guessed it! How to Make a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich  Duh duh duhhhhhhhh.... The cringing horror that is this … Continue reading Author’s Styles : Sequential Order (Lists)

The Publishing Process Gives Me a Headache!!!

Hello!!! So, if you have read any of my previous posts and are familiar with my work, then you are well aware that I wrote a novel and am in the midst of the publication process.  If this is the first post you've seen of mine, then welcome! Feel free to follow or like!!!! It … Continue reading The Publishing Process Gives Me a Headache!!!

Realistic Vs Theatric

So, I'm watching MMA with my dad, and it's got me thinking, This doesn't look anything like the movies! The movies resemble theatrics while real matches represent what's, well, real.  Why is this even important, you ask. Well, simply put, depending on what your writing, you'll need to choose between realistic or theatric. If you … Continue reading Realistic Vs Theatric

How To Cure A Migraine 

A writers enemy: a blocked mind. This is also known as writer's block. Writer's block has a series of causes, and one of the worst of these causes is migraines and headaches.  When you have a killer migraine, opening your eyes is a hassle, let alone actually thinking!  I've struggled with chronic migraine for years, … Continue reading How To Cure A Migraine