My name is Madalyn Delphine Muzzey (Yes, the middle name is necessary!), and I am a sixteen year old aspiring author. My first novel is done and published (I’m very proud of it!). Anyhow, this blog is for me to lend some advice to other young authors, or just to people who find me interesting.
Being a writer is really amazing because it involves all those crazy (and often childish) ideas your mind comes up with, and you get to write them down. Plus, writers aren’t seen as crazy or weird (even though we often are) for the works they put out because its just their profession. I mean, people think of me as weird (because I seriously am) and that’s cool. It’s the truth, and I really don’t mind.
I’m getting way off topic, I know. So, to wrap up, this is for anyone who wants to know more behind the novel. Anyone who wants to know how a writer thinks. Or, anyone who wants advice for their writing! And for anybody interested in my novel!!!
Well that’s all!
Forever After,
Madalyn Delphine Muzzey